Employee Benefits

by MMJ Admin

The Employee Benefits web information provides comprehensive information regarding medical, dental/vision, prescription, retirement, life insurance, short/long term disability, flexible spending account and other benefits available to all full time employees throughout the Diocese of Yakima.

For additional questions and information on Benefits, please contact Diana Aparicio at 509-367-5296 Office Direct



New to the Diocese of Yakima is BenefitHUB! This is a cloud location where employees can find a plethora of discount services along with all benefit plan summaries and contact information, summary plan descriptions, employee benefit guide, benefit notices, forms, provider links, etc. The site will provide information to help you better understand benefit plans and make informed decisions. The use of this site is at no cost to the participants in the health plan.

BenefitHUB also offers the opportunity to receive discounts, rewards, and perks on thousands of brands in a variety of categories. Once enrolled, you will be able to have access to these.

To access Benefit HUB follow the instructions:

  1. Visit: https://yakimadiocese.benefithub.com
  2. Complete the registration
  3. Enter referral code: CJU5MW
  4. Click on any offer


Click here for the BenefitHub Referral Code Flyer

For questions call 1-866-664-4624 or via email at customercare@benefithub.com.














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