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Yakima - La Salle High School

La Salle is a Catholic, college preparatory high school where students are loved and educated by teachers who are inspired by the charismof Saint John Baptist de La Salle, and the Brothers of the Christian schools.

La Salle High School educates students spiritually, academically, and socially through the promotion of an active faith life, commitment to curricular and co-curricular excellence, and push them toward further learning comparable to their gifts and potential. These goals are accomplished through the collaboration of involved students, supportive parents, and dedicated faculty and staff members.

Based on the belief in the intrinsic value and dignity of each student, the school provides an atmosphere that is moral, caring and joyful. Within such a setting, the school seeks to challenge students to serve others, especially the poor and marginalized, and to deepen their sense of responsibility to the great community and future generations.

Mission Statement

La Salle includes, welcomes, and serves students and families from throughout the Yakima Valley who value Lasallian education and who represent a broad social, ethnic, religious, and economic diversity. The mission of La Salle High School of Yakima is to graduate students who;

– Recognize the presence of God in his/her life and in others
– Possess the capability and desire for successfully pursuing higher
educational goals consistent with the individual’s talents, vocation and dreams
– Know how to pray
– Know truth and appreciate beauty
– Value the Lasallian experience by recognizing and responding to critical and unmet needs
– Reflect social graces and social awareness
– Possess a positive self-image, focus and discipline
– Promote leadership in family, church and community
– Contribute to the development of the human community

For more information: http://www.lasalleyakima.com/ 
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Mr. Matthew Hayosh
Email: mhayosh@lasalleyakima.org




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