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Detailed Information

The office of the bishop serves as the liaison between the parishes and the bishop. The office is comprised of the bishop’s support staff.


We’ve Moved


Below is our new mailing and physical addresses

Physical Address

101 S 12th Ave

Yakima, WA 98902


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2189

Yakima, WA 98907


Phone: 509-965-7117

Fax: 509-966-8334


             Bishop Of Yakima Most Rev. Joseph J. Tyson Email: (509) 965-7117    Episcopal Vicar and Chancellor Msgr. Robert M. Siler Email: (509) 965-7117 ext. 334     Diana A Vice-Chancellor for Personnel and Policies Diana Aparicio-Sosa Email: (509) 965-7117 ext. 307
Evangelization and Faith Formation Director Sandra Barros Email: ((509) 662-4569 ext 125 Director of Schools Doug Rich Email: (509) 965-7117 ext. 333 Bilingual Administrative Assistant I Valeria Flores Email: (509) 965-7117 ext. 321 
Bilingual Administrative Associate Maria Castaneda Email: (509) 965-7117 ext. 317

Bilingual Administrative Assistant Rocio Regis Email: (509) 965-7117

IT Support Tech Stephanie Sanchez Email: (509) 965-7117 ext. 303