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The Cursillo Movement arose within the Catholic Church in Spain in the 1940’s and was canonically recognized by the Holy See on June 11, 2004. The Cursillo Movement seeks to remind laity of their unique role in the world as Christians and empower a Christian life. The term “Cursillo” means “short course,” and people (candidates) attend a Cursillos over a 3-day weekend. Topics are presented by both trained laity and clergy. The Movement’s foundation is symbolized by a “tripod”. One tripod “leg” represents Piety/Holiness and ways are taught on how candidates can grow in piety. The second “leg” represents Study/Formation, which challenges candidates to learn more about the Faith through the Bible, the Roman Catholic catechism, the lives of the Saints, spiritual writings, etc. The final “leg” represents Action/Evangelization, which, simply put, means living obvious Christian lives. Following the introductory weekend, “graduates” or Cursillistas, as they are now called, are encouraged to join small groups of other Cursillistas and meet regularly throughout their lives. These small groups provide encouragement and accountability for each individual as they try to live out their Christian calling as laity.

Diocese of Yakima Cursillo Movement (English-speaking Community)

Spiritual Director
Fr. John O’Shea
Holy Spirit Parish, Kennewick (509) 735-1478

Assistant Spiritual Directors
Deacon Kerry L. Turley
St. Joseph Parish, Sunnyside (509) 840-0980

Deacon Tom Richtsmeier
Holy Apostles Parish, E. Wenatchee
(509) 884-8029

Lay Director
Carl Zeamer
Christ the King Parish, Richland (509)943-9991

Diane Turley
St. Joseph Parish, Sunnyside (509) 837-6930


Committee Members
Dan Sisk
Christ the King Parish

Virgil/Rita Warren
Holy Spirit Parish, Kennewick (509) 783-8886

Bob Eley
Holy Apostles Parish, East Wenatchee (509) 886-7837

Trish Eley
Holy Apostles Parish, East Wenatchee (509) 886-7837

John McKean
Holy Family Parish, Yakima (509) 945-8327

Judy Kitchen
Christ the King Parish (509) 628-3428

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