Saturday July 20, 2019
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April 5, 2019  
  Life and Liberty  
  Repeal of State's Death Penalty  
  The legislation to abolish capital punishment in Washington state, SB 5339,continues to progress through the Legislature. On April 1, the House Public Safety Committee approved the bill. SB 5339 now moves to the House Rules Committee with a possible historic vote on the House floor to follow, likely towards the end of the session.  
  TAKE ACTION: Protect Born-Alive Abortion Survivors  
  Defenders of abortion will not bring the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to a vote in the US House of Representatives. Your help is needed to urge your Representative to sign a petition that would allow this vote to occur.   
  Social Justice  
  Update on Operating Budget  
  Thanks to those members of the WSCC's Advocacy Network who recently contacted their representatives serving on the House Appropriations Committee.  Your outreach helped lead to much needed funding increases to the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) - a vital program for preventing homelessness.  The House Operating Budget (HB 1109) appears to be the vehicle which will eventually become the Legislature's approved budget.  In very quick fashion, this bill was passed out of committee, the entire House (with a vote of 56-38), the Senate Ways & Means Committee, and the full Senate (with a vote of 31-17).  The Senate amended the bill before passage, so the House now needs to reconsider the bill in its current form.  
  TAKE ACTION: Tell Lawmakers to Protect All Students!  
  SSB 5514, which would require law enforcement to provide critical notifications to a school (whether public or private) in the event of an emergency, needs only a vote of the House!  Please contact your representative today and encourage them to protect all children!  Visit the Action Center to connect directly with representatives in your district and encourage their support of the bill.  You may use the message as it is already written or personalize it for a greater impact.  
  Bill to Mandate Comprehensive Sex Education Fails  
  We heard from many parents who were concerned about SB 5395 that would have required each public school in the state to adopt a "Comprehensive Sexual Education" (CSE) curriculum for grades K-12.  The WSCC opposed the bill because (1) it did not include parent communities or school districts in determining the curriculum, (2) there was no provision for the opt-out ability to be adequately shared with non-English speaking families, and (3) it failed to address complex moral issues tied to human sexuality.  Fortunately, this bill has failed as it was unable to secure a committee vote in the House of Representatives before the appropriate cutoff.  However, the effort to require CSE curriculum in all public schools is likely to reconvene in 2020.  The WSCC will continue to be a strong advocate for the rights of parents as the primary educators of their children.  
  Upcoming Events  
  Walking + Witnessing for Migrant Families - April 29 to May 11
Catholic Immigration Summit, Seattle - June 8
Cornerstone Catholic Conference, Tacoma - October 18-19, 2019

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