Friday June 22, 2018
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Bishop Joseph Tyson has authorized our parishes and schools to take up special collections, or receive donations, for the relief of those affected by the recent natural disasters.  Pastors may do this in the manner they deem most suitable.  After counting the donations, a parish check should be sent to the Diocesan Finance Office, clearly marked for its purpose (i.e., Mexican Earthquake, Hurricane Maria, etc.)  The money will be forwarded to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which has set up special funds for the relief of those affected by the recent earthquakes in Mexico and the recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean. Aid to victims in the United States is distributed through Catholic Charities USA.   

Parishioners also may be directed to  Catholic Relief Services was already helping in Mexico following an earthquake earlier this month when the more massive earthquake struck near Mexico City.  Visit CRS' website at for more information on how to "pray, learn, act and give" to help those affected.  For your convenience we have attached Prayers of the Faithful, in English and Spanish. Click here:  Bilingual Prayers of the Faithful 

The attached flyers address specifically the work of the Church to helping victims of Hurricane Maria and and the earthquakes in Mexico: English Flyer  Spanish Flyer  Also, St. Joseph's Parish in Sunnyside is holding a fundraising event Saturday, October 21.  For the bilingual flyer, click here.

Let us keep all those affected by natural disasters in our prayers.  Thank you for your generosity in responding.