Friday June 22, 2018
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Dear Friends:

Fathers Dan and Peter Steele have been working diligently for a couple of years on a video project about seminary life. We showed this video to the high-school-aged men during this August's Quo Vadis event. 

At Quo Vadis we try to help the high school men reflect on their lives and their call.  Marriage is a holy and noble call and we assume that most of the men who come to us will sense a call to marriage.  But since all the men know something about marriage and family life with its blessings and struggles at Quo Vadis we try to give the men a sense of fraternity through our common prayer – the Liturgy of the Hours – as well as daily Mass and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Of course we do "Capture the Flag," Soccer and other activities as well in order to give men a sense of fraternity in Christ.

I hope you enjoy this great video. It gives a sense of the seminary life and seminary formation. It provides clues about how we assist our men to fall in love with the Church as their spouse and how they become open to spiritual growth, human formation, academic inquiry and pastoral skills all of which contribute to the formation of future priests.  

My thanks to Fathers Dan and Peter Steele for their great fraternity as well as the long hours of production involved in this film.  

Please pass the video along to others! Please pray for the 70 men who came to Quo Vadis here in the Diocese of Yakima as well!


Most Rev. Joseph J. Tyson

Bishop of Yakima