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by Stephanie Sanchez
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January 13, 2023

17 enero 2023

Statewide Advocacy

The 2023 State Legislative Session Begins

This is the first week of the state legislative session, and we have many opportunities for you to be a voice for Catholic values.  This session will run through the end of April, and this Catholic Advocacy Bulletin will be published every Friday.  Through the bulletin we will communicate opportunities for you to contact your legislators at key moments and give you links to sign in electronically for or against bills.  See below for the first opportunities of the year to sign in “pro” or “con” for bills related to the Washington bishops’ legislative priorities of respecting life, caring for God’s creation, promoting justice, and aiding immigrants, children, and families. In this bulletin you will also find a list of pro-life bills to urge your state senator to support.  Stay tuned for many more advocacy opportunities still to come this session!

Defensa a nivel estatal

Inicia periodo legislativo estatal 2023

Esta es la primera semana del periodo legislativo estatal y tenemos muchas oportunidades para que usted se pronuncie en favor de los valores católicos. Este periodo dura hasta abril y el Boletín de Abogacía Católica se publicará cada viernes. Por medio del boletín, le comunicaremos acerca de oportunidades para que Ud. pueda contactar con sus legisladores en momentos claves y les proveeremos de enlaces para firmar electrónicamente a favor o en contra de los proyectos de leyes.  Lea la sección más abajo para enterarse de cuál es la primera oportunidad del año para firmar en contra de un proyecto de ley que no es acorde con la Doctrina Social Católica. En este boletín también encontrará una lista de proyectos de leyes pro-vida para urgir a su senador estatal a que lo apoye. Todavía quedan muchas más oportunidades de abogacía, que conocerán en las próximas semanas.

Useful Links for the Legislative Session

Washington State Legislature – Information on bills, hearings, legislators, and more

Identify your district and legislators

Find bill information

WSCC website

Enlaces útiles para el periodo legislativo

Legislatura del Estado de Washington – Información sobre proyectos de leyes, audiencias, lista de legisladores y más.

Identifique su distrito y a sus legisladores

Encuentre información sobre proyectos de leyes

Sitio web de la WSCC 

Action Alerts

Below are numerous bills with upcoming hearings. Be a Catholic voice by clicking on links provided to sign in “pro” or “con” for bills the WSCC is taking a position on.  Bills are listed according to hearing dates and times.

Sign In “Pro” to Help Medicaid Recipients

Sign in “pro” for Senate Bill 5183 (SB 5183) to help Medicaid recipients by increasing the amount of income they may spend on personal needs. Please sign in at least one hour prior to the bill’s hearing at 9:30 AM on Monday, January 16. You are also invited to sign in for the House version of the bill, House Bill 1128 (HB 1128).  Please sign in at least one hour prior to HB 1128’s hearing on January 18 at 4 PM.  When signing in you may leave the “organization” box blank or write in “parishioner of — Church.”  Medicaid recipients must contribute to the cost of their care.  The amount of the required co-pay is equivalent to a recipient’s income, minus deductions, including a personal needs allowance.  SB 5183 will increase this monthly personal needs allowance from $70 to $100. Related to the bishops’ economic justice legislative priority, the WSCC supports SB 5183 and HB 1128.

Sign In “Pro” for Climate-Friendly GMA Updates

Sign in “pro” for House Bill 1181 (HB 1181) and sign in “pro” for Senate Bill 5203 (SB 5203) to support updates to the Growth Management Act (GMA) that will promote climate-friendly practices.  Please sign in prior to 7 am on Tuesday, January 17. Both bills have hearings scheduled for later that day.  When signing in you may leave the “organization” box blank or write in “parishioner of — Church.”  The Growth Management Act (GMA) is a series of state statutes, first adopted in 1990, that requires fast-growing cities and counties to develop a comprehensive plan to manage their population growth. HB 1181 and SB 5203 will require GMA counties and cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled through land use planning.  The impacts of climate change must also be addressed in land use planning.  Additionally, these bills incorporate transit and bike/pedestrian planning.  In line with the bishops’ legislative priority of caring for God’s creation, the WSCC supports HB 1181 and SB 5203.

Sign In “Pro” to Support Human Trafficking Survivors

Sign in “pro” for Senate Bill 5114 (SB 5114) to support human trafficking survivors.  You are also invited to sign in “pro” for the House version of the bill, House Bill 1089 (HB 1089).  Please sign in by Tuesday, January 17 at 9:30 AM.  SB 5114 is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, and HB 1089 is scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday. When signing in you may leave the “organization” box blank or write in “parishioner of — Church.”  SB 5114 will administer funding for healing, support, and transition services for adults who are survivors of human trafficking.  In accordance with the bishops’ legislative priority to respect the dignity of every human person and support the survivors of human trafficking, the WSCC supports SB 5114 and HB 1089.

Sign In “Pro” for the Washington Recycling and Packaging (WRAP) Act

Sign in “pro” for the Washington Recycling and Packaging (WRAP) Act, Senate Bill 5154 (SB 5154).  You are also invited to sign in “pro” for the House version of the bill, House Bill 1131 (HB 1131).  Please sign in by Tuesday, January 17 at 12:30 PM.  Both bills have hearings later that day.  When signing in you may leave the “organization” box blank or write in “parishioner of — Church.”  The WRAP Act addresses plastic and packaging waste by creating a set of graduated fees to be paid for by packaging manufacturers.  Fees will be based on how reusable, compostable, or recyclable products are.  Fees will then be used to fund improvements to infrastructure and provide uniform recycling access across the state.  In line with the legislative priority to care for God’s creation, the WSCC supports the WRAP Act.

Sign In “Pro” to Support Special Education

Sign in “pro” to support children in need of special education, House Bill 1109 (HB 1109).  Please sign in by 3 PM on Tuesday, January 17.  A hearing is scheduled for one hour later.  When signing in you may leave the “organization” box blank or write in “parishioner of — Church.”  Currently, special education initial evaluations and the subsequent development of individualized education programs do not occur when school is out of session for the summer.  HB 1109 provides funding for initial evaluations and the development of individualized education programs to take place during summer months.  In line with the bishops’ legislative priorities of caring for children/families and those with disabilities, the WSCC supports HB 1109.

Respect Life Advocacy

Sign In “Con” to Oppose Mishandling of Human Embryos

Sign in “con” for House Bill 1151 (HB 1151), which promotes the mishandling of human embryos. Please sign in prior to 12:30 PM on Wednesday, January 18.  You are also invited to sign in “con” for the Senate’s version of this bill, Senate Bill 5204 (SB 5204). Please sign in against SB 5204 by Friday, January 20 at 7 AM. When signing in you may leave the “organization” box blank or write in “parishioner of — Church.” SB 5204 mandates health coverage of fertility services.  The WSCC specifically opposes the promotion of in vitro fertilization (IVF), which creates embryos that are not properly cared for.  Our Catholic faith teaches us to respect all life and that life begins at conception.  However, IVF often results in unused embryos that are frozen indefinitely, destroyed, or abandoned. Life is not properly cared for nor respected.  Additionally, IVF can treat children as commodities that are manufactured outside of the construct of the expression of love of a married couple.  A more thorough explanation of the complexity of the Church’s opposition to IVF may be found here. In line with the legislative priority to respect life, the WSCC opposes SB 5204.

Oppose Assisted Suicide Expansion Bills

Senate Bill 5179 (SB 5179) and its companion bill House Bill 1281 (HB 1281) seek to loosen the safeguards currently applied to the assisted suicide laws of Washington state.  Identify your state legislators and get their contact information here, and then send them a message stating your opposition to the expansion of assisted suicide.  In 2008 Washington voters approved Initiative 1000, the Physician-Assisted Death Initiative, but only after being assured that certain “safeguards” would be in place. HB 1141 loosens safeguards, increasing access to physician-assisted suicide and accelerating the process.  The bill broadens the definition of a “qualified medical provider” who can make a diagnosis and prescribe lethal medication. Two physicians are no longer required to diagnose a patient.  HB 1141 also loosens the definition of those who can provide counseling; in lieu of a psychiatrist or psychologist, a social worker, mental health counselor, or psychiatric advanced nurse practitioner may determine if a patient is suffering from a psychiatric or psychological disorder or depression causing impaired judgement.  Additionally, this bill shortens the minimum amount of time from 15 days to 7 days that a patient is required to wait between making a request and receiving a prescription to terminate his or her life. The 7-day wait time may even be waived if the “qualified medical provider” deems that a patient has less than 7 days to live.  SB 5179 and HB 1281 also permit assisted suicide prescriptions to be delivered via the mail. In accordance with the bishops’ legislative priority to respect life, the WSCC opposes SB 5179 and HB 1281.

Opóngase a la expansión de las leyes de suicidio asistido

El proyecto de ley del Senado 5179 (SB 5179) y su compañero, el Proyecto de ley de la cámara de representantes 1281 (HB 1281) buscan disminuir las garantías que se aplican actualmente a las leyes de suicidio asistido en el estado de Washington. Identifique a sus legisladores estatales y obtenga su información de contacto aquí, y luego envíele un mensaje expresando su oposición a estos proyectos de leyes de suicidio asistido.

En el 2008, los votantes de Washington aprobaron la iniciativa 1000 de suicidio asistido por un médico, pero solo luego de asegurarse de que existieran ciertas “garantías”. El HB 1141 disminuye las garantías, facilita el acceso al suicidio asistido por un médico y acelera el proceso. El mencionado proyecto de ley amplía la definición de “proveedor médico cualificado” para hacer un diagnóstico y prescribir la medicina letal. Además, anula el requisito de que dos médicos hagan un diagnóstico del paciente. El HB 1141 también cambia la definición de consejería, normalmente limitada a un profesional de psiquiatría o psicología, permitiendo que un trabajador social, consejero de salud mental, o enfermera asistente en psiquiatría puedan determinar si un paciente está sufriendo de un desorden psicológico o depresión que le dificulte el juicio. Adicionalmente, este proyecto acorta el tiempo mínimo de espera de 15 a 7 días entre el momento en que un paciente hace la solicitud hasta recibir la prescripción para acabar con su vida. El tiempo de espera de 7 días podrá dispensarse si el “proveedor médico cualificado” considera que el paciente tiene menos de 7 días de vida.   El SB 5179 y el HB 1281 también permiten que los medicamentos recetados para el suicidio sean enviados por correo. De acuerdo con la prioridad legislativa de los obispos de respeto por la vida, la WSCC se opone al SB 5179 y HB 1281.

Urge Your Senator to Support These Pro-Life Bills

Now is also the time to engage in respect life advocacy by urging your state senator to support bills that have not yet been scheduled for committee hearings. Unfortunately, every year many pro-life bills are not even assigned to hearings during the legislative session.  Identify your district, senator, and senator’s email here, and then write your senator and urge him or her to support the following pro-life senate bills:

SB 5098 Prohibiting abortion on the basis of down syndrome

SB 5172 Ensuring only physicians perform abortions and informing women of the inherent risks associated with abortion.

SB 5227 Prohibiting sex-selection abortions

SB 5185 Applies various limits to abortion

Urja a su senador a apoyar estos proyectos de leyes provida

Ahora es también el momento de abogar por el respeto por la vida, urgiendo a su senador estatal que apoye estos proyectos de leyes que no han sido todavía programados para audiencias en comités. Desafortunadamente, cada año, muchos proyectos provida ni siquiera llegan a tener audiencias durante el periodo legislativo. Identifique su distrito, su senador y su email  aquí, y luego escríbale urgiéndole que apoye los siguientes proyectos de leyes provida del senado:

SB 5098 Que prohíbe el aborto a causa del síndrome de Down.

SB 5172 Que asegura que solo los médicos pueden realizar un aborto e informa a las mujeres acerca de los riesgos asociados con el aborto.

SB 5227 Que prohíbe el aborto según la selección de sexo.

SB 5185 Aplica varias limitaciones al aborto

9 Days for Life Novena

You are invited to participate in the USCCB’s annual 9 Days for Life Novena.  Resources for leading the novena are available here.  You can also sign up to be emailed daily prayers during the novena.

Novena 9 Días por la Vida

Está invitado/a a participar de la Novena “9 Días por la Vida“.  Puede encontrar recursos para guiar la novena aquí.  También puede suscribirse en el enlace de Suscripción Para la Novena “9 Días por la Vida” 2023 | Respeto por la Vida para recibir oraciones diarias durante la novena

Upcoming Events

Attend the January Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in D.C.

Register now to attend the in-person Catholic Social Ministry Gathering (CMSG) in Washington, D.C., January 28-31. This event is organized by the Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development, 10 USCCB departments, and 20 national Catholic organizations. This year’s theme, “Blessed are the Peacemakers” (Mt 5:9), recognizes the call to heal in a world broken by conflict, division, and inequality. Inspired by Jesus’ example and the Eucharist, we must encounter, listen, accompany, and work together to build peace. At the CSMG you will pray, learn, and act for the common good.  Advocacy visits with legislators are also an integral part of the program.

Poverty Awareness Month

January is Poverty Awareness Month.  The US Bishops established the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) in 1970 as an essential part of the Church’s social mission, and a unique part of the Catholic community’s broad commitment to empowering low-income people, families and communities.  Poverty USA is an initiative of CCHD and was created as an educational resource to help individuals and communities to address the root causes of poverty in America.  Economic justice is a WSCC state legislative priority.

Próximos eventos

Mes de concientización sobre la pobreza

Enero es el Mes de Concientización sobre la pobreza. Los obispos de los Estados Unidos establecieron la Campaña Católica para el Desarrollo Humano (CCHD, por sus siglas en inglés) en 1970 como una parte esencial de la misión social de la Iglesia, en especial como parte del compromiso más amplio de empoderar a las personas de bajos ingresos, familias y comunidades. Poverty USA es una iniciativa de CCHD y fue creada Como un recurso educacional para ayudar a individuos y comunidades a abordar las causas fundamentales de la pobreza en los EE.UU. La justicia económica es una prioridad legislativa de la WSCC.

National Human Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January is National Human Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Learn more about human slavery and human trafficking from the USCCB, the USCCB’s Anti-trafficking Program, and the USCCB’s Justice for Immigrants campaign.  Supporting anti-trafficking efforts and trafficking survivors are WSCC legislative priorities.

Mes Nacional de la prevención de la esclavitud y de la trata humana

En la imagen: La trata de personas es un crimen contra la humanidad. Debemos unir nuestros esfuerzos para liberar a las víctimas y detener este crimen.

Enero es el Mes Nacional de la prevención de la esclavitud y de la trata humana. Conozca más acerca de la esclavitud y de la trata humana en el sitio de la USCCB, de su Programa antitráfico, y de la campaña denominada Justicia para los inmigrantes.  Apoyar las iniciativas anti-trata humana y a las víctimas de ésta son prioridades legislativas de la WSCC.

Important Dates

January 20National March for Life in D.C.

January 20National March for Life in D.C.

January Poverty Awareness Month
January National Human Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
January 1 Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
January 16 Religious Freedom Day
January 19 9 Days for Life Novena begins
January 20 National March for Life in D.C.
January 22  Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children
January 28-31 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering

WSCC Staff

We invite you to contact us at any time.

Mario Villanueva, Executive Director

Adrienne Corpuz Joyce, Director of Policy and Communications:

Tracey Wilson Yackley, Operations Manager:

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Fechas importantes


Enero Mes de concienciación sobre la pobreza
Enero Mes de la prevención de la esclavitud y la trata humana
16 de enero Día de la libertad religiosa
19 de enero Inicio de la Novena 9 Días por la Vida
20 de enero Marcha Nacional por la Vida en D.C.
22 de enero Día de oración por la protección legal de los niños nonatos
28 al 31 de enero Encuentro de Ministerio Social Católico / Catholic Social Ministry Gathering

Personal de la WSCC

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Mario Villanueva, Director Ejecutivo

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