WSCC 2019 Catholic Advocacy Bulletin, No. 11 - Archived

by Msgr. Robert Siler
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March 22, 2019  
  Life and Liberty  
  MONDAY: Hearing of Bill to Repeal Death Penalty  
  SB 5339, which would remove the death penalty from state law, is up for hearing in the House Public Safety Committee.  Among those testifying is Bishop Eusebio Elizondo.  Members of the Catholic Advocacy Network are encouraged to attend at 1:30 pm in the John L. O’Brien Building (Hearing Room D).  There is also an option to live-stream the hearing on TVW.  
  Social Justice  
  USCCB Endorses Legislation to Protect Dreamers  

The USCCB Committee on Migration endorsed the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019 (H.R. 6), which would provide permanent legal protection and a pathway to citizenship for qualifying Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders.  Bishop Mario Dorsonville-Rodriguez (Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.) testified before the House Judiciary Committee earlier this month. His testimony and the USCCB’s letter of support are both available online.

  School Safety Legislation Up for Committee Vote  

On Monday, several Catholic school leaders testified before the House Public Safety Committee in favor of SB 5514, which addresses the need for all schools to receive notifications to lockdown, evacuate, or shelter in place during an emergency.  The Committee is now scheduled to vote on the bill on March 28. If passed from committee, the bill would require a vote on the House floor before going to the Governor for signature.  

  State Budget Process Heats Up  

This week’s increased projection of over $500 million in revenue has set the stage for state lawmakers to finalize Transportation, Capital and Operating budgets.  In the coming weeks, appropriation bills (representing drafts of the budgets) will be heard and passed out of the fiscal committees in both houses.  Negotiations will then begin between Senate and House leadership to finalize each budget before sending to the Governor to sign.The WSCC is advocating for an Operating Budget that gives quality early learning and child care options to more families and expands the availability of community-based mental health programs.  The Operating Budget also includes funding for the important Housing and Essential Needs program (HEN).   Additionally, the WSCC is championing for a Capital Budget that supports the Housing Trust Fund.  

  Upcoming Events  

Walking + Witnessing for Migrant Families – April 29 to May 11

Catholic Immigration Summit, Seattle – June 8

Cornerstone Catholic Conference, Tacoma – October 18-19, 2019


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