Magnificat (English)

by David B. Valdivia



Magnificat is a program of faith formation for all the people who want to learn more about their Catholic Faith. Through classes of theology taught by teachers specialized in different topics we are looking to enhance the spiritual growth of each student as well as in the in-depth study of the pastorals and theological aspects of our faith in order to awaken in each on the desire of server to the Lord bybeing Missionary Disciples: Witnesses of God’s Love in the distinct ministries that we serve in, and continue to learn how to teach our catechetical programs with children.

Magnificat is the single largest initiative that brings together Spanish and English leadership here in the Diocese of Yakima on a monthly basis. We are the only diocese in the region to have such a large, consistent and robust gathering of catechetical leaders. You are key in building up Magnificat and in helping its future leadership in building a more unified instruction and a more unified witness that brings together the large Hispanic Catholic Community with our more historical and very vibrant English-speaking community!


“Credo ut intelligam, intelligo ut credam”

“I Believe to understand, understand to believe”

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Magnificat 2022-2023 Schedule (Updated 9.18.2023)

New Magnificat Participant Registration Form (Updated 9.11.20)

Guide for Magnificat Classes (Updated 12.15.2021)

Faith & Science – Class guide to follow

For questions please contact:

V. Rev. Jaime Chacon
Vicar for Faith Formation
Also Pastor for Holy Rosary Parish, Moxee


Valeria Flores
Bilingual Administrative Assistant
Office (509) 965-7117
Direct Line: (509) 759-7791

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