Up to Date Labor Law Posters

by Msgr. Robert Siler
Up to Date Labor Law Posters

Workplace posters are important because they inform employees and employers of their rights and responsibilities. It is important for employers to know that posting the posters is a legal requirement. The posters need to be placed where the employees can see them and read them.  There are agencies that will call you and ask you to sign-up for a membership in order to send you posters on an annual basis. Usually these options come with a high price tag (up to $500 annually). To make better use of the resources already offered, save money, and to facilitate this process for you, listed below are the websites from United States Department of Labor and the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries that will direct you to all the state and federal posters that are required for posting. In addition, you will also find individual workplace folders below.

2019 WA State Minimum Wage poster:

(English) (Español)

Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Program:


Federal Required Posters:


Washington State Required Posters
Required and Recommended Tip Guide (Pending)

If you have questions regarding the required workplace posters, please refer to the following Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Q & A link found below.

Q & A link: http://www.lni.wa.gov/FormPub/questions.asp

If you have further questions, please contact Diana Aparicio at (509) 367-5296.