Anointing of the Sick

by David B. Valdivia


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Anointing of the Sick offers a special grace to those who are ill. This grace is believed to calm their spirits and strengthen their souls allowing them to bear their illnesses with dignity and, if it is God’s will, recover. The Sacrament connects those who are ill with the whole community and also with Christ.

One Catholic reflected on this Sacrament, saying:

I had a recent surgery.  It was nothing serious, but my body just does not react well to being made medically unconscious and to pain medications.  I was not looking forward to the side effects of medication during surgery, in recovery and after being sent home.  It seems with each experience, my body reacts even more to medication.  I was so nervous it brought tears to my eyes.  My husband mentioned this to a priest friend who came to our home to pray with me and anoint me with the oil of the sick.  I am a person of faith and I knew in my heart I would be fine.  My participation in this prayer and anointing with my husband and the priest made the presence of God more tangible.  Although still nervous, my feelings were more manageable.  I am grateful for the gift of this anointing provided by God and the Church.