America Magazine Interview with Bishop - Archived

by David B. Valdivia
cover 2015 06 08

Dear Friends:

America Magazine – a Jesuit weekly magazine here in the United States – is doing a blog as well as a magazine article interviewing bishops from the West.  The first is the introductory article by Fr. Jim McDermott S.J. and his interviews with several bishops here in the West. The second is the interview I gave to America magazine about our own Diocese of Yakima.

The overall thrust of the articles is quite thoughtful, and I’m grateful that we’ve got a little more focus on our own efforts in the West to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the beauty of the Church.

As I celebrate my fourth anniversary here as bishop of Yakima and my tenth anniversary as a bishop I want to share my thanks to all of you for being such a great Church here in the West!

+Bishop Joseph Tyson