Homily for St. Joseph the Worker - Archived

by Msgr. Robert Siler
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Dear Friends,

Attached please find my homilies, in English and Spanish, from the Mass of Saint Joseph the Worker at Saint Joseph Parish in Yakima on Friday, May 1.  Here’s how the homily ends:

“Why this Feast of St. Joseph the Worker?  Because in him, we can see ourselves, our nobility, our dignity and a society that is bigger than mere economics!  In him we have a force larger than the fraudulent political and legal power plays.  In him we have the capacity to become our “better” selves, to become the very worker that God made us to be.  May we be faithful to his mission of this Feast!  Peace be with you!”

To read the entire homily, click one of the following links:  English  Spanish

+Bishop Joseph Tyson