Bishop Tyson’s Homily For Rite of Election - Archived

by Stephanie Sanchez
This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant or up to date. For more information contact Msgr. Robert Siler,

Dear Friends:
It was a joy to be with so many on Sunday for the annual Rite of Election where we welcomed those preparing to join the Church this coming Easter.  I am also grateful for the skillful work of Ree Kearns in organizing the event as well as Father Vega who helped steer the liturgy that day.  I’m grateful also to the wonderful RCIA committee that meets regularly with me to keep us humming along in our evangelization efforts.
As you know a good chunk of our folks are Spanish speaking including those who have not received sacraments.  Since I delivered half the homily in Spanish and half the homily in English I mentioned that an entire text would be on-line so here’s the text of the homily for the Rite of Election. Click here to read the full text of the homily in either Spanish or English.
Prayers for our Candidates and our Elect!
+Bishop Joseph Tyson