Pope Francis: The Final Judgement: “We are not left alone…” - Archived

by Stephanie Sanchez
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Dear Friends:

Our Holy Father Pope Francis has been doing a series of Wednesday audiences providing catechesis on the Creed.  He concluded these catechetical talks this last Wednesday on the final article of faith, “I believe in life everlasting” noting that at the final judgement “…we are not left alone…”  Advent, as St. Cyril of Jerusalem notes, recalls two comings of Christ: the coming of Christ at Christmas and the coming of Christ at the end of time.  Pope Francis speaks as a pastor about this second coming of which our late Advent readings speak and our “O” antiphons sing! O come, O come, Emanuel!  Click here to read this thoughtful closing to Pope Francis’ catechesis on the Creed:
+Bishop Joseph Tyson