Papal Nuncio Uplifts Pope’s Teachings - Archived

by Stephanie Sanchez
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Each year the Holy Father’s representative to the United States always addresses the bishops gathered at our annual meeting in November.  Our current representative is Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.  His title is “papal nuncio” and his responsibilities point two ways:  First, he assist the Holy Father in receiving the names of possible candidates for bishop from other bishops here in the United States and vetting them with clergy and laity, forwarding the information to the Holy See’s Congregation for Bishops to assist Pope Francis in selecting new bishops. Second, he is the Holy See’s ambassador to the United States.   
His talk was most notable because he uplifted Pope Francis’ teaching on the importance of bishops being close to their people.  He also called for candidates for bishop to be “pastoral” and sensitive to the needs of those they serve. Click here to read the full text. 
Besides being the Holy Father’s personal representative to us bishops, the nuncio has a second role: that of the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States.  The Vatican City is an independent state separate from Italy.  The United States has an ambassador to the Vatican City: Ken Hackett, the former director of Catholic Relief Services and in a reciprocal way, Archbishop Viganò serves as the Vatican’s ambassador to our country.
I hope this gives you some sense of the closeness of our own local Yakima Diocese to the wider communion of believers – some 1.2 billion all around the world – and the unity of faith we share in Jesus Christ and this – His Church!
Many Blessings!
+Bishop Joseph Tyson