Parish Visitation Process

by Bonn Crim

Dear Father:

I wanted to give you a quick update on last Saturday’s Parish Visitation Information meeting that we held at Sacred Hearth Catholic Church in Prosser.  Despite the snow, we had a fabulous turn out — more than we expected.  Many of the people you nominated as pastors did come to the orientation workshop.  Those who came out of curiosity or heard about it word-of-mouth, we will be contacting the pastor for an endorsement.  Attached you will find copies of the materials that were distributed along with my PowerPoint presentation.  They are all still in the draft stage.
I’m so very grateful to Sr. Kathleen Ross.  She brings a wealth of background from higher education.  She also brings tool, skills and knowledge from the university accreditation process which we are borrowing as we think through positive ways to share our pastoral best practices.
Fr. Osmar, of course, brings an in depth knowledge — not only from boot-on-the-ground pastor experience.  But he’s spent considerable time on his doctoral dissertation on the question of evangelization.  I was very much struck by a passing comment he made during Saturday’s workshop.  He was addressing the topic of second generation Hispanic youth.   He told those gathered that — really — it’s quite easy to work with the first generation Hispanic immigrants.  They are very open and respectful.  But their children — the second generation youth — are in a very different place.  They do not have the thick cultural supports for the Catholic faith that their parents enjoy.  It’s much harder planting the Gospel.
That’s why our parishes need to support each other.  Good things are happening all across Central Washington that I am privileged to see as the bishop.  But often times what goes on in one parish is virtually unknown in the neighboring parish.  This parish visitation process will allow us to help each other in our weaknesses and uplift the best practices and share those with neighboring parishes.
Thanks for your consideration of this material and feel free to call Sister Kathleen or Father Osmar if you would like a more personal approach for your parish leadership.  Of course you’re free to contact me too.
Blessings and Prayers!
+Bishop Joseph Tyson