Human Resources

by Bonn Crim

human resources

The Office of the Bishop offers the highest quality of service by developing with its partners a work environment that is built on trust and respect for each individual.

The Office of the Bishop provides development, oversight and support in the area of Human Resources for diocesan offices, parishes, schools and other diocesan institutions while insuring compliance with its mission, the values of the Catholic Church, and relevant governmental regulations and professional standards.

The Diocese of Yakima recognizes the contribution our employees make and the Office of the Bishop is committed to attracting and maintaining professional and dedicated staff who will help us fulfill our commitment and mission.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the documents posted on our Human Resources website please contact Diana Aparicio, Vice Chancellor, at (509) 965-7117.


An employee handbook, sometimes also known as an employee manual or staff handbook, is a document given to employees by an employer.

  • The employee handbook contains information about company policies and procedures.·
  • The employee handbook brings together employment and job-related information which employees need to know, such as holiday arrangements, company rules and disciplinary and grievance procedures.·
  • It can also provide useful source of information to new staff as part of the new hire process.
  • A written employee handbook gives clear advice to employees and creates a culture where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently.

Employee Personnel Policies Employee Personnel Policies