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Thursday May 25, 2017
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Dear Father:

In this Friday's weekly mailing you will find information regarding our postcard writing campaign in favor of immigration reform which can be either "electronic" and surface mail .  There has been much hopeful movement on this issue.  But I am asking that as soon as possible you consider putting in the address for this campaign into your parish bulletins with a few words of endorsement from the two of us. For those without e-mail or for those who prefer surface mail,  you might consider printing out some of the postcards and having them available for surface mail in the back of your parish church.

The precise link for you or your assistants to print is: 

You will note this is an English language link since correspondence needs to be in English for our political leadership. There is also a parallel website in Spanish.  That web site is:

Additionally, on the right-hand side of both websites there are also a number of resources that you and your parish leadership can use.  I would suggest that you print some of these resources to be available and placed on bulletin boards and in the entry ways of your parish.  To the best of your ability, I want every parish to be focused on the Church's public policy advocacy for immigration reform.

Know, too, that I am in conversation this week with key stakeholders from across Central Washington on this important topic.  I am asking them to assist me in aiming my upcoming talk at the 9th Annual Washington State Farm Labor Association Conference.  Coming out of this conference, I hope to establish a longer-term forum building relationships between law enforcement, immigration and customs enforcement, labor, unions, fruit packers, growers, medical professionals, educators and other church leaders as well as those in public office on a common locally shaped non-partisan approach toward immigration reform.  The core of my presentation will be the principles that the bishops of Mexico and the bishops of the United States articulated in 2003 that could help guide us on the treatment of immigrants.  The link to that joint statement is:  

I would also add a final note:  There are a number of other organizations contacting our parishes wanting to publicize events, use parish facilities and distribute their materials but have a different agenda. No other organization may use parish facilities, promote their programs or agenda, or distribute their materials without a prior clearance from either myself or Monsignor Siler. All media inquiries on this topic will go directly to Monsignor Siler who will work with Father Chacon in being present to Spanish language media.

In advance I thank you for your cooperation with this important mail and advocacy campaign.

+Bishop Joseph Tyson